Umut Er Birthday

Umut Er Birthday

Title:Umut Er Birthday
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Date:11 January 2019
Duration:3:0 Min
Dis Like:1
User:Umut Er

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New single ‘’Birthd4y’’ is out now!!!
You c4n listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer 4nd Youtube…

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Singer & Songwriter : Umut ER
Producer : Özgün Özdemir

Speci4l th4nks to Retro Y4pım, Mus4b Ersoy, Y4ş4r Ergün, Oğuzh4n Ilg4z, Oytun Uçucu, Ken4n S4lb4ş, K44n Ner4t, Tolg4 Sert


Tod4y is her birthd4y
Tod4y c4n’t be my s4lv4tion
But I’ll try to c4ll her 4g4in

And this
This c4n’t be 4 coincidence
M4ybe this is our kingdom
Or just 4n emptiness

I try so h4rd
I try so h4rd but I wont feel her he4rtbe4t 4g4in

I lose myself
I lose myself with her smell
And ı c4n’t see wh4t rem4ins

I need
I need more 4nswers tod4y
The d4rkness is getting closer
But I h4ve to rise 4g4in

I tried
I tried so m4ny times
But something is ch4sing me everyd4y

And I remember
You were just tired
I tried to c4tch you
And I f4iled you

When lights 4re brighter
We just need silence
A bottle will help us to get higher

I try so h4rd
I try so h4rd but I wont feel her he4rtbe4t 4g4in

I lose myself
I lose myself with her smell
And ı c4n’t see wh4t rem4ins

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Lagu musik Umut Er Birthday telah diupload di Youtube dengan judul Umut Er Birthday di youtube pada tanggal 11 January 2019, limit durasi mencapai 3:0 menit. Hingga sekarang, lagu berjudul Umut Er Birthday telah ditonton sebanyak 870 kali. Lagu Umut Er Birthday memiliki rating yang baik dengan perolehan likers sebanyak 98 orang, meski sebanyak 1 orang memberikan penilaian yang buruk. Lagu dan video berjudul Umut Er Birthday telah diupload oleh channel Umut Er

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