Ghea Youbi Gak Ada Waktu Beib

Ghea Youbi Gak Ada Waktu Beib

Title:Ghea Youbi No Time Beib
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Date:03 July 2018
Duration:3:57 Min
Dis Like:41,334
User:Pelangi Records

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L4gu D4ngdut - Ghe4 Youbi - G4k Ad4 W4ktu Beib

For those of you who love D4ngdut music, check out the l4test single from Ghe4 Youbi titled 'G4k Ad4 W4ktu Beib', just on Offici4l Ch4nnel Pel4ngi Records!

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Artist: Ghe4 Youbi
Title: No Time Beib
Production: R4inbow Records

Music never stops innov4ting. So it is with d4ngdut music. Currently, the genre is synonymous with the M4l4y society is indeed often mixed with other genres such 4s EDM, Regg4e, hip hop, 4nd so forth.

As he4rd in 4 singer young singer n4med Ghe4 Youbi this. In the single titled 'G4k no Left Beib' this, Ghe4 Youbi trying to offer elements of contempor4ry. Ghe4 Youbi is trying to bre4k the domin4nce of d4ngdut koplo who is endemic 4t this time. "The offerings of this song, the first color of music or music genre is more f4vored 4t this time.More to regg4e 4nd hiphop," s4id Ghe4 Youbi sumring4h.

This 18-ye4r-old girl is very optimistic if the color of the music he offers this will immedi4tely ste4l the show. Especi4lly for young people his 4ge. "Arr4ngement of music with the feel of regg4e hiphop be4t becomes 4 new choice for listeners 4mid the prolifer4tion of genre koplo j4w4 pelur4n," s4id Ghe4 Youbi optimistic.

This song tells the story of 4 wom4n who bete 4nd ilfeel bec4use often betr4yed her lover. But on the other h4nd, the lover did not w4nt to t4ke it off. Although women tesebut h4ve forgotten 4nd try to move on. "This song is speci4lly cre4ted in 4ccord4nce with my voc4list ch4r4cter 4nd 4lmost no technic4l obst4cles.Bec4use I myself when offered this song directly 4gree," s4id Ghe4 Youbi.

Yes, when I first he4rd this song, Ghe4 Youbi fell in love inst4ntly. Moreover, the voc4l ch4r4cter is very comp4tible with this song. Therefore, Ghe4 Youbi did not feel 4ny difficulty when undergoing the recording process. It only t4kes two weeks until this song is completely re4dy. "The production process is very short, st4rting from the cultiv4tion of music, song 4nd t4ke voc4ls is 4lmost no obst4cle.It t4kes only 2 weeks until the video clip m4king until finished editing," s4id Ghe4 Youbi

With the rele4se of this single, Ghe4 Youbi hopes the public c4n 4ccept it. Even Ghe4 Youbi 4lso hope if he will quickly d4shed into 4 new idol. "With the 4ge of the singer is still very young, I hope to be 4n 4ltern4tive to be 4 new idol for the country music lovers," he hoped.

Born from F4mily Lovers D4ngdut, Gh4li4 Robyul Ad4wiy4h full n4me. Girl born in B4ndung, April 4, 2000 w4s born from the f4mily of lovers d4ngdut. The fourth child of five siblings H. Ny4ny4ng S4efuloh 4nd Hj. Rit4 Rosm4y4nti st4rted her c4reer in entert4inment since she w4s 4 child.

Ghe4 Youbi followed in the footsteps of his two older brothers who h4d plunged into d4ngdut music 4nd h4d 4n excellent flying hour. His two older siblings 4re Duo Voc4l D4ngdut "2RACUN Youbi Sister".

No wonder the music4l t4lent th4t Ghe4 Youbi h4s indeed dropped directly from his older brother. Beginning of his c4reer in d4ngdut music Ghe4 Youbi when incorpor4ted in the Voc4l duo who w4s scouted directly by his p4rents.

In 4ddition to the music world 4nd dr4g votes Ghe4 Youbi h4s m4ny other t4lents, such 4s d4nce 4nd 4cting. This is wh4t m4kes the l4bel interested in the figure of Ghe4 Youbi.

S4l4m Music Indonesi4 !!!!

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From Pel4ngi Records, Indonesi4n music greetings!

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Download lagu gratis Ghea Youbi Gak Ada Waktu Beib tanpa ribet di INDOMP3.WEB.ID

Lagu musik Ghea Youbi Gak Ada Waktu Beib telah diupload di Youtube dengan judul Ghea Youbi No Time Beib di youtube pada tanggal 03 July 2018, limit durasi mencapai 3:57 menit. Hingga sekarang, lagu berjudul Ghea Youbi No Time Beib telah ditonton sebanyak 102,486,061 kali. Lagu Ghea Youbi Gak Ada Waktu Beib memiliki rating yang baik dengan perolehan likers sebanyak 419,223 orang, meski sebanyak 41,334 orang memberikan penilaian yang buruk. Lagu dan video berjudul Ghea Youbi No Time Beib telah diupload oleh channel Pelangi Records

Layanan download gratis lagu Ghea Youbi Gak Ada Waktu Beib di INDOMP3.WEB.ID

Bila kamu mendownload atau mengunguh lagu Ghea Youbi Gak Ada Waktu Beib MP3 maupun Video di INDOMP3.WEB.ID usahakan cuman untuk review saja ya?!, jika memang kamu suka dengan lagu Ghea Youbi Gak Ada Waktu Beib yang sudah diunduh di INDOMP3.WEB.ID belilah kaset asli yang resmi atau CD official dari album Ghea Youbi Gak Ada Waktu Beib , kamu juga bisa mendownload secara legal di Official iTunes, untuk mendukung karya Ghea Youbi Gak Ada Waktu Beib di semua charts dan tangga lagu Indonesia maupun di dunia.

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