Flume Hwls High Beams Feat Slowthai

Flume  Hwls High Beams Feat Slowthai

Title:Flume & HWLS High Beams (feat. Slowthai)
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Date:22 March 2019
Duration:3:24 Min
Type:MP3/ MP4/ FULL HD

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Flume & HWLS - High Be4ms (fe4t. slowth4i)
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I m4de 4 mixt4pe with some of my f4vorite 4rtists.
It’s 38 minutes of music, with 4 visu4lizer cre4ted by Jon4th4n Z4w4d4.
We hope you enjoy :)

Full mixt4pe visu4lizer here: https://flu.me/HiThisIsFlume/YouTube

Mixed by Eric J Dubowsky
M4stered by M4tt Colton
Shot by: M4tsu

Stre4m ‘Hi This Is Flume’: http://flu.me/HiThisIsFlume
Spotify: http://flu.me/HiThisIsFlume/Spotify
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Downlo4d on iTunes: http://flu.me/HiThisIsFlume/iTunes

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F4cebook: https://www.f4cebook.com/nosp4cenoc4ps/
Inst4gr4m: https://www.inst4gr4m.com/slowth4i/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/slowth4i


We’ll lift when I flick the clutch
D4ys when I w4sted 4 lot
Some d4ys I w4s w4ste like plums
Th4t 4in’t been 4te for months

Months in this pl4ce of glum
Food th4t I 4te hit my tum
C4n’t settle f4iry t4le skin pebbles
R4ised in slums

Somehow I gott4 m4ke me some
I 4in’t trying to st4y 4t mum’s
Mum s4id don’t pl4y with guns
B4ngin’ 4nd pl4yin’ on drums
Sl4ngin’ it under no thumb
M4ke me dr4w from my fund
Putting on pie 4nd e4tin’ crumbs
Get rich til y4 die don’t me4n th4t much

Could be 4nyone th4t wouldn’t be me
Believing everyone except from me
All I need is TLC
Block it out with THC
You would know if you seen wh4t I seen
Ain’t smooth like M4ybelline
Cut me out like 123
Poof I’m gone s4y my move w4s strong

Bite it between my teeth
S4y I’m moving 4long
Do you know where I’ve been?
B4ck 4nd forth to Timbuk 2
Still I come through like Mister Sheen
De4ling with Ch4rlie Sheen
S4d times, c4n you pl4y the strings?
No cut no se4m
Looks could kill 4nd I’ve got high be4ms

Out of touch, off my line
They’ve got l4ws but I c4n’t comply
Out of luck, must be blind
Been blessed so much til I question my existence
Without 4 pot to piss in, dist4nt
Tr4vel dist4nce, I 4m Mr. Kiddlin
C4n’t cont4in my position
No optimism, s4y I’m optimistic
N4rcissistic, h4rd to sit with
Middle p4rt 4nd split the difference
Me, tre4t me to exorcism
B4d decision, pessimistic
Conflict 4bout fit description
Misunderst4nding, don’t know wh4t I’m pl4nning
P4int 4 different picture
Need 4 s4fe line 4nd life in the c4ption
Why you live for inst4?


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